Revenue bring forward date for payment of EWSS grant

Revenue have announced that the first payment under the new Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) will be made this Friday (9th October).  This is earlier than originally planned by Revenue.

This payment will cover the September payroll submissions.  Future payments will be made on the 5th day of the following month - e.g. October EWSS will be paid on the 5th November.

The EWSS replaced the temporary wage scheme.  Employees are taxed as normal under this scheme but a reduced rate of employer's PRSI (0.5%) applies to wages covered by this scheme.

The EWSS is open to companies who expect a 30% reduction in turnover between July and December 2020 due to Covid 19.  This should be reviewed on a monthly basis and an employer should cease the scheme if they do not meet this criteria.  The scheme applies to employees who have gross salary of between €151.50 and €1,462 per week.

To avail of this scheme you must register for the scheme through Revenue's ROS system.  

If you require any assistance in claiming this subsidy please contact us.